My Discoveries #3 December20

Hello everyone! 2020 ends a few days later. Most people say “This is the worst year ever” but for me just “eh”. I saw worse years (for me). I dyed my hair for the first time this year and I propounded so many project ideas, and sometimes I coded it sometimes I designed it. I wish you patience, perseverance and achievements in your new year. 🙂 Let’s talk about December.

The Kratos Legend… Norse mythology..

I had said to you that I will read a book of a PlayStation game in my last article. If exist the book of any content, of a series or of a game I always prefer the book. The legendary book I read is God Of War. Actually this is not my first trying on the book of a game. I tried to read the book of The Witcher, but it was boring. So I didn’t complete the book. God Of War was not boring. And absolutely I think it is a masterpiece. I think most gamers think like that too.

About the story : The main character of the story Kratos is a half god. He is usually called God Of War on the book. When This god that hide his history is realized by others he embarks on an adventure for to make real his wife’s last wish with his child. But there is a problem too. The child doesn’t know that his father is a god. Will Kratos can make real his wife’s last wish? Will he say that he is a god to his child? The main fiction of the book is like this. And the book is a great story about Norse Mythology. You can hear sooo much Norse gods names during the book. Sometimes Kratos fights with them. And also the child changes on the last of the book. (as personality) I was a good father-son story. You can read this book if you like to mythology.

Learning English with the games…

One of the enormous thing I discovered this December is absolutely the visual novels. The games that gives us so many texts are very good for learning any language. You can play visual novels games for your language education.

You can reach the visual novel games with this link :

An example for a visual novel game.

My new project

I had decided to make an app for the times deciding is hard for me. And then I said to myself why I am not making this a project and I decided to turn this to a project. And WooGee came up. The project that I designed and coded is coming soon.

You can reach it with this link when I publish it.

The amazing series… The IT Crowd

The series I discovered with the suggestion of someone already now become my favourite. A woman comes as the boss near the two guy who is working on the It department of a company. You can hear so many jokes about programming and computers during the series. It reminded me of my old life. Haha 😀 I love this series.
The worst part of the series is : it ends :/ I wouldn’t want it to end. You can watch this for fun.

Cold Notes… Whisper of December… Spotify

I couldn’t discover very songs this month but what songs I discovered are good.

Here is Spotify list of December :

The song of the month :

See you next my discoveries. I wish you a good year. 🙂

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