My Discoveries #2 November20

Hello everyone! I continue neatly the blog series I started last month. I will be glad to tell the really good month. First, This month was a when autumn makes itself really felt. My favourite month of the year is November. So, it was the month I am generally glad to weather conditions and the view of the nature. I guess the biggest reform I added to my life this month is meditation. I am really happy from this meditation the simplistically i do breathing exercise, because I can say after the one week from meditation my headaches decreased about %20-30. Sometimes I do when I get up but mostly I do before I sleep about 10-15 minutes.

being a death row inmate… hitchhiking in space

The book corner is the best part and the most I loved to introduce and the backbone of my blog series. I finished two books the first one is themed philosophy and the other one is themed funny sci-fi.

The first book I finished is Victor Hugo’s The Last Day of a Condemned Man. This book published in 1829 that I think can guide to the modern laws. The book fully talks about the feelings of a death row inmate. We can completely feel that how does he feel, what does he do to the end. I want to share a passage with you from that book supports completely anti-execution :

Imprison this man, this criminal with a family. In his cell he can still work for his own. But how can he provide for them in the depths of the tomb? And can you think without shuddering of what will become of his little boys, his little girls, whose father, and consequently their bread, you take away? Are you counting on this family from which to supply, after fifteen years, the galleys from the boys, the low music-hall from the girls? Oh, the poor little innocents!

In the colonies, when a slave receives capital punishment, a thousand francs indemnity are given to the manโ€™s master. What! you indemnify the master, and not the family! Here, again, do you not take a man from those who own him? Is he not, by a more sacred right than that of the slave to the master, the property of his father, his wife, his children?

From The Last Day of a Condemned Man

As you can see this book prefers to after the crime apply to people a different criminal sanction rather than death sentence. It supports this. I guess mankind will think about this for a long time. What do you think about this?Should it be a death sentence law on the laws of a country? Write me.

“1” By the way… The death sentence is still active in the laws of the USA. And China, Iranian, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia take the lead about the death sentence. As to that I lived country Turkey, isn’t in progress death sentence since 1984 and it’s removed on our laws officially in 2004.

The second book I read is : The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That I found funny this book published in 1979 by Douglas Adams. The book starts with pull down Arthur Dent’s house for a shortcut. And then space, the universe and the galaxy become involved in our story. Everything turn topsy-turvy. The book has so much made up words so this cracks up the seriousness of the book. And a Life-saving reminding : This is a consisted series by 5 books. I bought the book without know that and I have just the first book ๐Ÿ™‚ And I wonder the continuation of the book. You can read this book for smile, to relax and enjoy yourself.

The Legend of My Childhood…

As a child who grows up with games, I notice that I haven’t time for games now. But I can’t stop play the published this year a game. If you are my peer you can remember Samurai Jack. It was a great Cartoon Network’s Cartoon. The legendary is now a game. Here is my opinions about the game :

The some parts of the game are 3d and the some parts are 2d. The story of the game is not same the cartoon, but they are similar. Samurai Jack is sent to the future by Aku and we start to cut monsters and robots. Jack gets new skills while the game proceed to on a certain story and we can learn new fighting techniques. I generally like the game. You can play this game for let off steam and beat the monsters.

In-game images:

By the way, I heard that they will make the game of the book Animal Farm I read the last month. It has a steam page already now. I wonder how will it be.

The guy who made the sound effect of the game himself mouth…

I discovered a legendary blog to read. A game programmer. He has a simple blog he shares his own experience in that job. I guess he worked some big companies. And in a game he made the sound effect of the game himself mouth. It is very good and cute. I will add the link below there you can check.

The game :

The notes of the month… fallen leaves… spotify…

I discovered more songs according to the last month. Here is November20 playlist :

November20 by Kerem Aydin

The Favourite song of November :

About the books of December…

I will read the book of a great PlayStation game in December. But I don’t want to say it to you because it is a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ You can write me your guess.

And November was like this yeah… See you in next discoveries post. You can write me your feedbacks. ๐Ÿ™‚


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