My Discoveries #4 January21

Hello everyone! Welcome to the January 2021 of my discoveries. I discover new things with the new year. This is the fourth month on my discoveries, and I am so happy for this layout. I will introduce you 2 books but one of them is not a storybook. The book I saw in the bookshop at the last week of the month and I decided to buy after read several pages is : ‘Podcasting Marketing Strategy‘. I can say this, this book is the most detailed book ever about the podcasts. I will mention it later. This is another book I read ‘Lord of the Flies’. And we will talk about this too. Let’s start 🙂

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My Discoveries #3 December20

Hello everyone! 2020 ends a few days later. Most people say “This is the worst year ever” but for me just “eh”. I saw worse years (for me). I dyed my hair for the first time this year and I propounded so many project ideas, and sometimes I coded it sometimes I designed it. I wish you patience, perseverance and achievements in your new year. 🙂 Let’s talk about December.

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My Discoveries #2 November20

Hello everyone! I continue neatly the blog series I started last month. I will be glad to tell the really good month. First, This month was a when autumn makes itself really felt. My favourite month of the year is November. So, it was the month I am generally glad to weather conditions and the view of the nature. I guess the biggest reform I added to my life this month is meditation. I am really happy from this meditation the simplistically i do breathing exercise, because I can say after the one week from meditation my headaches decreased about %20-30. Sometimes I do when I get up but mostly I do before I sleep about 10-15 minutes.

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My Discoveries #1 October20

Hello everyone. Welcome to My discoveries. I started a new blog series on a rainy October day. Maybe it will be a cliche but it was on my mind for a long time. If I can’t find a better name for the series it will stay as my discoveries. I want to tell you the books I read every month, the new songs I discovered and the new words I learned from books on this post series. If I see any weird thing I want to tell you this too. I am thinking to publish at of every month last three day. Let’s see what did I do on the October.

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